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Christian Science is firmly grounded on the teachings of the Holy Bible, both Old and New testaments.  Its practice is drawn from the teachings and healings of Jesus and the early Christians, and Christian Science is available to anyone to study, understand and apply.

Celebrating 100 Plus Years in Steubenville- since 1914


Please visit us at our church located at:
600 Lovers Lane, Wintersville, OH 43953

Services are held every Sunday morning 10:30AM
and most Wednesday nights at 7:00PM
Reading Room Hours Tuesday and Wednesday 11:00AM - 2:00PM

PH:  740-264-7825

The term “Christian Science” refers to the theology and healing system discovered by Mary Baker Eddy during the latter part of the nineteenth century, as well as to the Christian denomination and church organization she founded in 1879.

Christian Scientists view curing illness through prayer as an important and natural aspect of Christian life.  Over many generations, Christian Science treatment, as it is called, has proved a safe and effective means of health care.  But this healing practice is primarily a means of drawing closer to God.

Our church services help us draw closer to God by providing a thought-provoking contemplative service on Sundays as well as an opportunity to share healings and insights at our mid-week meeting  Wednesday evenings (Please check for availablity) Students up to the age of twenty are welcome in our Sunday School, which runs concurrently with our Sunday service.


Our bookstore is where Bibles, Christian Science books, magazines, and other books are available for purchase, loan, or reference.

We strive to teach the usefulness and practical application of the Bible in our daily lives by emulating the example of Jesus healing ministry.

Christian Science is firmly grounded on the teachings of the Holy Bible, and both the Old and New testaments from the bible.
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600 Lovers Lane
Wintersville, OH 43953

Phone: (740) 264-7825
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